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The Art of Grateful Leadership

Mar 30, 2020

In the last episode, I spoke of how Grateful Leadership is needed more than ever today, and I encourage every listener to stop, take a deep breath and look at all we have.

These are unprecedented times. Nobody alive has seen anything like this before. Nor has the government ever given us the information we have about he...

Mar 23, 2020

These times are something I would never have believed could happen to me and my family: A pandemic; Businesses forced to close; Schools closed; Grocery store shelves empty

What does one do in this situation?  

How does a Grateful Leader react in these times?


Keywords: #IWorkForGM; Art of Grateful Leadership; Power of...

Mar 16, 2020

Have you ever had one of those days?  You know the one, where stress is high, and motivation is low.  You want to bite someone’s head off if they say the wrong thing.  You know the day I’m talking about.  Well I had one of those days recently.

Let me tell you how gratitude and a Grateful Leader changed all that.


Mar 9, 2020

Did you know that there are psychological and physiological benefits to being grateful?  When we think of being grateful for all we have, we feel better about ourselves and about life in general, that just makes sense. And to believe these benefits can extend to our mind and body is not a stretch of logic at all.


Mar 2, 2020

In the last episode we spoke of Acknowledgment and Psychological Safety. That may have left you thinking: “How does this apply to business?”

In this episode, we are going to look at the relationship between acknowledgment and Innovation


Keywords: #IWorkForGM; Art of Grateful Leadership; Power of Acknowledgment;...