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The Art of Grateful Leadership

Jul 16, 2021

Join podcast host Judith W. Umlas as she interviews the originator of this podcast series, James G. Trela, PMP, MBA,  Certified Professional in Grateful Leadership (Level 1), and Legal Program Manager eDiscovery at General Motors. Together they recount the journey that encouraged Jim to create the podcast series...

Jun 9, 2021

Join “The Art of Grateful Leadership” podcast host Judith W. Umlas as she goes on another of her Gratitude Walks in the beautiful Pennsylvania forest. Hear her revelations about listening to her heroes, and discovering important and affirmative messages in what they “tell her.”


May 26, 2021

In this podcast, Judith W. Umlas recounts how her mother and her French pen pal at age 15 began a lifelong relationship for themselves and for Judy. Join her as she honors her “French father,” who just passed away at the age of 96. 

Apr 29, 2021

Join podcast host Judy Umlas as she tells her “most requested story” in honor of National Tell A Story Day, April 27th. Most recently she was asked to tell this riveting tale by Kathryn R. Kest, Grateful Leadership® Certified Professional Level 2, who was delivering a Grateful Leadership presentation to the...

Apr 6, 2021

Join podcast host Judith W. Umlas in a lovely and engaging discussion with Dr. Tresia Eaves,  PMP, Technology and Information Sciences expert on engaging, appreciating, enlivening, serving and creating a condition of high performance with project team members. How?  By treating them as they want to be treated, rather as...